Ok, so I love reading blogs, but blogging myself?  I don’t know yet, but I am going to try.

Firstly, I am Afrikaans, so I apologise in advance for any language errors, but you must maar bear with me!

What will I blog about – I don’t know?  Hopefully, I will learn as time passes. 

Who am I?  I am a 37 (OMW) year old woman, attorney during day and wife by night (LOL).  I have a wonderful husband, who is my best friend and we have 5 (yes we have 5) pets – 3 dogs, by the names of Patricia (a black spanial and the oldest), Pieter (also a black spanial), Petronella (a basset spanial cross) and 2 cats (Pluto and Vicky).  Yes, most of animals names starts with P, we did not choose the cats names, and Pluto was purely a coincidence!  We love our pets and they are part of our family, as much as any human can be.

We are also an infertile couple, but we are in the process of adopting, so hopefully, we will adopt soon …..

So lets see how this blogging goes, hopefully I will enjoy it and maybe someone will even read it once and a while.